Tuesday, July 17, 2012

"Going to school to counter the destiny"

I first heard about Shawl Pacha School and AMI's participation in the project on 23rd June, 2010, during a seminar in Lisbon, at the Institute of National Defence (IDN), entitled "Afghanistan: What future?".

Lieutenant Colonel Octávio Vieira took part in that seminar. He was the one who established the first contact between Mina Wali and Dr. Fernando Nobre. In the panel "Afghanistan: The need for integrated responses", he developed the "humanitarian effort" idea, giving as an example of what can (and should) be done in Afghanistan "the school funded by AMI, considered a model by the Afghan Ministry of Education".

I realized the extent of his words and decided to write an article for "Expresso" newspaper, where I work. By phone, I interviewed Mina Wali, Octávio Vieira and Tânia Barbosa, the latest a member of the International Department of AMI. On 30th December, 2010, it was published the article "Going to school to counter the destiny", in the printed edition of "Expresso".

At the same time, I prepared a dossier for "Expresso Online", where it can be found the texts published in the printed edition, an excerpt of Mina Wali's interview (audio format) and a photogallery provided by AMI.

From this article, and due to the empathy with the people I interviewed, I fell in love with this project and started dreaming about a visit to its location...

Margarida Mota

"Going to school in Afghanistan," Express Online, 05/01/2011

"Going to school to counter the destination", Expresso, 12.30.2010 (Appendix)

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