Saturday, October 20, 2012

Small donation... big help!

In late September, goods colected in Lisbon arrived in Jalalabad. Their final destiny was Shawl Pacha School and its clinic, both facilities run by Hope of Mother.

This initiative became possible thanks to the generosity of a few people and institutions:
  • AMI and a some individuals, who donated goods, from textbooks to furniture and medical supplies.
  • The Portuguese military, who ensured its transport to Afghanistan.
  • Hope of Mother, that, on the ground, took the goods from Kabul to Jalalabad.

On my own behalf, I thank in particular Mr. António Calisto, the owner of kiosk "Bragantina", in Anjos area (Lisbon), who donated English books, and also Sandra Antas, tireless in collecting goods and sensitizing other donors. Your generosity is priceless!

Margarida Mota

Photos: HOM

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