Sunday, August 26, 2012

"Friendly Gift" benefits Afghan project

Five euros, for any of us, is a symbolic amount. In Afghanistan, five euros is a substantial amount that can make a difference.

For five euros only, you can acquire this "Friendly Gift" (Prenda AMIga) and help, directly, Hope of Mother's school and clinic in Jalalabad, one of six projects benefited by this initiative of AMI.

How can you do it?

1 - Choose the project you want to support.

2 - Transfer a minimum of 5€ to the following bank account:
BES Account No.: 015/45875/008 | SWIFT Code: 0007 0015 00458750008 36

3 - Send by e-mail the proof of payment to, stating:
• Your data (full name or full name of the company (trade name), address and nr. Tax Identification for issuance of receipt of donation).
• For individuals: Message in the chosen Project (up to 120 characters).
• For companies: Message in the chosen Project (up to 120 characters) and logo you want to put on postcard (logo up to 300€).

The personalized e-card will be sent by AMI within 24 hours (weekdays) until 23/12/2011.

Note: This post was originaly written on december 16th 2011 in the Portuguese version of Mina's Dream. This campaign took place during Christmas time 2011.

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