Monday, August 6, 2012

HOM attends Rebuild Afghanistan Summit

On 22nd October 2011, Hope of Mother attended the Rebuild Afghanistan Summit, held at UC Berkeley, California University.

This event
happens once a year since 2004 aiming to raise public awareness and garner support towards the organizations, companies and others entities engaged in the development of Afghanistan.

Non-governmental organizations, companies, donors, investors and political leaders take part in this summit.

Dina Azim was one of the representatives of Hope of Mother in this event. Throughout that day, Dina shared some feelings on Facebook...
"Sitting here at the Rebuild Afghanistan Summit at UC Berkeley to hear great speakers! One of them showed a video of a six years old girl collecting donations, such as clothes, toys, etc. She is so small. She puts them in a large black garbage bag bigger than herself, puts the bag on her shoulder and walks away with so much joy! The video touched many people to tears... I wish I could 'post' here the video for you to see! There is hope and a bright future for Afghan children..."
"Education, Education, Education! It is the main focus/focal point for the partial reconstruction of Afghanistan. That's what kids want. There is much work to do and we will do it (through small steps). Society cannot lose hope in Afghanistan..."

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