Monday, August 13, 2012

Thanks to "Um Certo Oriente"

I thank António José Rodrigues the emphasis on "Mina's dream" in his blog, "Um Certo Oriente" (An Orient of a kind).

António José Rodrigues ia a military and a
passionate arabist. He is one of the greatest portuguese experts on arab countries issues.

From his resume, we can highlight a mission in Afghanistan, where he worked as cultural adviser at NATO headquarters, in Kabul.

I highly recommend a visit to "Um Certo Oriente". The author presents the blog as follows:

"The tone of this set of texts alternates moments of knowledge, reflection and entertainment. And that is how the dear reader, at the same time relaxed and involved, is asked to redo this breathtaking journey through unique destinations, in which it is kept much of the wisdom, the charm and mystery of the Orient, following the adventures and surprises that each story/history destines, absorving this desirable tea in the desert, under the shade of leafy green palms of date trees, among sand, fragrances and dreams, and let himself be outdone by the genuine knowledge and the authentic fantasy."
From this author:
Prefácio, 2009

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