Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ahmad Shaw, the soul of Hope of Mother

Ahmad Shaw was a mujahedine commander by the time of the soviet occupation of Afghanistan. Then, he dedicated himself to the protection of the country, carrying a gun in his hands. He was only 16 years old.

His loyalty and commitment to the afghan people makes him the driving force of Hope of Mother. The creation and implementation of any project counts always on his advice.

Ahmad Shaw lives in Peshawar, Pakistan. In Afghanistan, some say he should be President of the country.

28/04/2008: Next to Mina Wali, cutting the ribbon during the Shawl Pacha school opening
28/04/2008: With Luís Nobre, from AMI, and two sons
Addressing students of the Shawl Pacha school
With Mina Wali and some pupils,
next to a poster that evokes HOM-AMI partnership
16/02/2011: Meeting with Lieutenant Colonel Octávio Vieira
and Mina Wali, in Kabul

Photos by Octávio Vieira and HOM

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