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Opening of Lily Clinic

Inaugurated in February 4th, 2009, Lily Clinic provides basic health care to students, relatives and Surkh Rod population, in general. Located in the back of Shawl Pacha school, it proofs how, for Hope of Mother, education and health are the two sides of the same coin.

Clinic's entrance

Named Lily Clinic, this project pays tribute to a child living in the village. Lily suffers from Down syndrome and since works began, she has assumed herself as the protector of the building.

On the opening day, HOM offered Lily a white coat and appointed her the head of the clinic towards the people. That day, the clinic was baptized with her name. Lily promised that she will become a doctor and will take care of everyone in the village.

Lily is the girl with the black scarf, in this photo taken in the school opening day, in April, 28th, 2008

Lily, on the opening day of the clinic, cutting the ribbon

Lily Clinic is the single one existing in the village of Surkh Rod. The healthcare personnel are locals. Medical supplies, medicines and other equipment come from international donations.

Speaking to the population present at the ceremony, Mina Wali expressed her happiness:
“My hope and desire for everyone in this village was to make [these two facilities, school and clinic] a reality. Now that desire has been met, I couldn't be happier.”

Attending the ceremony, Said Ali Akbar, the governor of Surkh Rod, thanked Mina Wali for lighting the "lamp of education" for the people of the region:
I am proud to be part of the health and education movement taking place here and it's my honour to be here today for this event. Now, it is our responsibility to take care of this building as if it was our own.”
Mina Wali shared the credit with the local population and urged the international community:
“All reconstruction you see here is the work of these villagers. These people volunteered their expertise to do this work. I want to prove to the international community that these villages are safe for this type of reconstruction. It's the people that make these places safe.”

The inauguration of the clinic was also an opportunity to distinguish the best students of Shawl Pacha school.

Photos HOM

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