Thursday, April 12, 2012

How Afghanistan welcomed Fernando Nobre

After an exploratory visit, in February 2006, during which he met Mina Wali, developed contacts with local authorities and visited Hope of Mother's lands, President of AMI returned to Afghanistan in April 2008 to attend the official opening ceremony of the school supported by the Portuguese NGO.

Tareq Azim, Fernando Nobre, Mina Wali and Ahmad Shah,
in the lobby of the hotel where the President of AMI stayed, in Jalalabad
Mina Wali, José Luís Nobre, Fernando Nobre and Tareq Azim,
having dinner in a restaurant in Jalalabad, on april 27, 2008
Fernando Nobre and Tareq Azim

Despite being working, already, since September 2007, the official opening of Shawl Pacha school only happened on April 28, 2008 in order that both Fernando Nobre and Octávio Vieira would be present.
Audience of invited guests (members of the government, representatives of the local Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT), religious authorities) and members of the local population
Fernando Nobre making his speech during the ceremony
Climbing up the stairs of the school
Cutting the ribbon
Inside the school, with Octávio Vieira and members of the local PRT
After being awarded a turban offered as a sign of honor and respect. According to Afghan tradition, the man who wears it is invited to join the community
Fernando Nobre and his brother, José Luís Nobre
Talking to female students of the school

Photos by Octávio Vieira

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