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What is Hope of Mother?

Hope of Mother is an afghan nongovernmental organization (NGO), founded by Mina Wali, in 2004. It aims to contribute to the development of Afghanistan by promoting education, health, handicrafts and sports, mainly among younger generations.

Its motto: "Awareness and Provide Opportunities." Within this spirit, HOM wants to promote the participation of afghans in the local economy, the spirit of leadership and gender equality.

Muriel painted by Luke Webb Photo HOM

Currently, Hope of Mother has four projects ongoing:

1. Shawl Pacha School: About 500 students, male and female, attend the school that opened in April 2008.
2. Clinic Lily: Opened in February 2009, it is located in the back of Shawl Pacha School. It provides basic health care to the local population.
3. Vocational Training Centre Shaw Wali Khan: It aims professional training in handicraft, in order to provide local economies with human resources and obtain self-financing to HOM's projects.
4. Afghan Female Boxing Federation: It works towards the promotion of gender equality in Afghanistan.

Mina Wali is HOM's President. Her Vice Presidents are Tareq Azim and Ahmad Shaw.

Tareq Azim is Mina's son. He was born in Munich, Germany, in 1982 and he was raised in San Francisco, Unites States. Tareq met his true home when he traveled to Afghanistan. He graduated with bachelors degrees in Environmental Sciences and Agribusiness from Fresno State University (California). At the same time, he developed a sporting career as a professional boxer. Tareq promoted the creation of a women's boxing team in Kabul. He is the energy behind HOM.

Ahmad Shaw is a former mujahedine commander, by the time of the soviet occupation of Afghanistan. Then, he dedicated himself to the protection of the country, carrying a gun in his hands. He was only 16 years old. His loyalty and his commitment to the afghan people makes him the driving force of HOM. The creation and implementation of any project counts always on his advice. Ahmad Shaw lives in Peshawar, Pakistan. In Afghanistan, some say he should be President of the country.

The three leaders of HOM with students.
Tareq Azim (white clothes), Mina Wali and Ahmad Shaw (right)
. Photo HOM

Hope of Mother is based in San Francisco, California, United States. In August 26th, 2009, the organization held its first fundraising gala, at Ruby Skye building, in downtown San Francisco. In her speech, Mina Wali said:
“We’re building small, profitable communities now, so the children grow up knowing how to create their own successes. With that kind of solid base, we’re looking forward to seeing more world leaders emerge from Afghanistan. We will not be known as a country of suicide bombers, if I have anything to do with it.”

Photo Jeff Swearingen


Photogallery of Fundraising Gala, 26/08/2009

Gala's flyers:

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